SBI Architecture is a new full service architectural firm with nearly 40 years of experience.

We are architectural generalists, which means we offer a wide range of services and types of building projects, to any private or public clients. We do not specialize in any one type of building project. The types of projects range from small tenant improvements up to multi-million dollar new construction projects.

SBI Architecture is committed to building long lasting relationships with our clients by providing great customer service. We do that by:

  • Effective communication (eliminates surprises)
  • Listening to our clients wishes
  • Offering assistance to develop a projects scope of work
  • Seeing the “Big Picture”
  • Developing a complete set of construction documents to minimize the amount of change orders
  • Keeping projects on budget

There are several mis-conceptions about Architects:

  • They tend to over design and over complicate building projects so they can charge more in fees
  • They are just looking for their next opportunity to win a design award
  • They are notorious for spending client’s money frivolously

At SBI Architecture, we strive to provide “Practical” design solutions to meet our client’s needs and budgets. We listen and translate our client’s wishes and idea’s into the scope of work and design. We try not to over design or over complicate their projects, keeping them as simple as possible.

Our professional fees are on a per project basis. Each project is analyzed for its scope of work and complexity. The fees are then based on a number of factors but are not based solely on square footage and construction cost, so we don’t add un-necessary expensive items or square footage to drive our fees higher.

In the architectural profession, it has been said that having a contractor involved with the design process as early as possible, will save time and money on your projects. At SBI Architecture, our in house staff includes a professional general contractor. That person will be providing up to date cost analysis throughout the project and will help the designer to select the most cost effective building systems and materials. When the project goes into the construction and bidding phases, our contractor will be providing most of the construction administration services to ensure that our clients receive the design that they are anticipating and have paid for. This makes SBI Architecture unique compared to other architectural firms.